Budgeting Division

  • Preparing and reviewing the general budget and additional budget increase/decrease.
  • Appraising and deciding the distribution of legal budgets
  • Appraising and deciding the expenditure of secondary reserve funds
  • Appraising and deciding the budgets for all agencies and schools of the city government
  • Supervising annual statistics of the city government and its agencies and schools
  • Refunding and correcting of budget proposals
  • Checking and appraising budget proposals
  • Appraising and deciding budgets and final accounts for city-run enterprises and special funds

Account Review Division

  • Appraising and deciding revenues, expenditures and budgets
  • Approving authorized budgets within a limited amount 
  • Examining original revenue and expenditure documentations
  • Check and ratify booked orders of revenue, expenditure and transfers of accounts
  • Clearing up advance payment
  • Cash and inventory check
  • Signature of the cashier on the transaction records of cash, securities and bonds
  • Reviewing and compiling accounting reports
  • Supervising business transactions

Final Accounts Division

  • Account Auditing
  • Examining daily revenue and expenditure reports
  • Examining accounting reports of all agencies and schools, and checking, reviewing or keeping files for future reference
  • Checking, ratifying or appraising financial items in agencies and schools which need improvement
  • Examining account settlement reports of municipal agencies and schools
  • Checking and examining cashier and accounting matters of all agencies and schools
  • Reviewing and compiling municipal final accounts
  • Pressing municipal agencies and schools for accounting reports
  • Checking, examining and transferring reports of cases issued by the accountants of municipal agencies and schools
  • Proposing, checking and transferring reports of performances, retirement, comfort and compensations of municipal accounting and statistics personnel of all levels
  • Proposing, checking and transferring reports of the establishment and prescribed number of personnel of municipal accounting and statistics agencies of all levels
  • Proposing, checking and transferring reports of the appointment, removal, transfer, training, rewards and punishments of the municipal accounting and statistics personnel of all levels

Statistics Division

Statistics on public affairs
  • Publishing statistics briefs, manuals, and monthly reports
  • Managing public statistics programs, tables and forms
  • Collecting data regarding statistics as references for heads of department and other units
  • Managing catalogs of books, periodicals and statistics data
  • Researching and compiling applied statistical analysis for office use
Surveys and statistics
  1. Managing survey networks of basic statistics
  2. Conducting surveys and compiling statistics on a regular basis. Surveys cover the following areas:
  •  Surveys of human resources
  • Surveys of prices
  • Surveys of employees’ salary and working hours
  • Surveys of salary of various occupations
  • Surveys of employees’ tendency
  • Surveys of the deployment of manpower
  • Surveys of household revenues/expenditures and interviews
  •  Surveys of vehicles and freight transportation
  • Surveys of national powers